Unique Gifts

Give the gift of glass!

Choose from an array of cranberry, heart-shaped glass candy dishes, glass swans, small animals, a flower, vases, decorative glass balls or custom orders. Truly unique collector’s items that will be a cherished reminder of your special day. Angelo’s beautiful glass creations come hand signed on the bottom of each piece with a diamond point etching pen. Nothing shows love and appreciation more than a handmade masterpiece.

Why Choose Us

Over 50 Years of Experience

Angelo has extensive experience glassblowing and has worked and exhibited all over the world.

Custom Gift Giving

No two pieces are alike! Everything created by Angelo Rossi is an original, signed on the glass bottom by the maestro himself.

We Deliver

It won’t be on a bicycle but yes, we do deliver worldwide and ensure our glass is packed very well to prevent breakage.

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