Master Glassblower
Angelo Rossi

World-renowned glass sculptures and artistic glass.

World-renowned glassblower Angelo Rossi in Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls has been home to Angelo’s beautiful glass creations for over the past few decades and have been purchased by visitors from all over the world. Angelo and Diane have welcomed numerous people into the studios they’ve had over the years and happily discussed in detail Angelo’s process and history of glassmaking.

The presence of Covid-19 over the past year has caused the closure of the studio at the Skylon Tower but you can still purchase a one of a kind piece of glass while they last from the closing of the store. Pieces are hand signed (etched) in the bottom of the glass and come with a certificate of authenticity as there have been imposters of Angelo’s work out there. Have a piece of history and a collectible that can be passed on for generations.

Ashes in Glass

Generations will cherish your loved one’s ash remains fused in a glass sculpture. Choose from a number of different designs or have one custom made. Maestro Angelo Rossi has developed a special glass composition and technique from Murano that allows a small amount of cremated human or animal remains to be fused into commemorative glass sculptures of your choice.

Imagine a keepsake for each of your siblings or family members. Share the experience and memory of your loved one with your family and have Angelo create your keepsake.

Cremation Ashes in Glass

Why Choose Us

Over 50 Years of Experience

Angelo has extensive experience glassblowing and has worked and exhibited all over the world.

Custom Gift Giving

No two pieces are alike! Everything created by Angelo Rossi is an original, signed on the glass bottom by the maestro himself.

We Deliver

It won’t be on a bicycle but yes, we do deliver worldwide and ensure our glass is packed very well to prevent breakage.

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